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Are you looking for ways to improve your company’s productivity, reduce turnover and meet your social responsibility goals? Work and Social Opportunities Inc. (WASO) can help.

Benefits of diversity in the workforce

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to engage in meaningful employment. If a person has an interest in the job and the ability to perform the required duties (with support if needed) he/she can make a contribution to the goals of any business.

Employers who have hired individuals from WASO have realized the following benefits:

Lower turnover – Entry-level positions often have high turnover rates but individuals from WASO are not as quick to move on to other jobs. This provides a savings to employers in terms of recruitment and training resources.

Right person for the job – We spend the time to make sure we fit the right person with the right job. We also provide ongoing training and support to employees assisted by WASO at no cost to the employer.

Improved productivity – Combat a skilled labour shortage by making the best use of your workforce. Pay your skilled staff to do what they’ve been trained to do. For example, hire a person to clean up after a mechanic finishes a job, freeing that mechanic to move on to the next job.

Who employs those from WASO

• Law firms
• Manufacturing businesses
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Daycares
• Warehouses
• Call centres
• Assembly lines

About individuals at WASO

We support a diverse group of individuals ranging in age and experience levels. Educational levels vary as well. Some of those we support have high school diplomas while others have undergraduate degrees or specific certifications (Ex. food handling, forklift operations). Some are just entering the workforce while others have years of skilled experience.

Expect success

With decades of experience in supporting and preparing adults living with disabilities for employment, we provide the professional, dedicated support required for successful employment.

We help prepare those we support with the pre-employment training and the coping skills they need to be a company asset. We also support them at the job site, in whatever way is needed, for as long as is required. There are no extra staff hours required to help the individual, reducing staff hours on the employer’s part.

Many employers and co-workers are very pleased at the abilities of individuals from WASO. Although some might have a slightly longer learning curve and need some extra time to get up to speed, the return on investment is often enduring loyalty and commitment to a job well done.

Waso’s Corporate Strategy

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